Internal Resin Bound Kitchen & Walkways – Newquay, Cornwall

Resin Bound INTERNAL flooring!!!

Even on a wet Autumn day like today our team are out installing resin bound flooring only this time, its inside a house! Resin not only works well for driveways/pathways/patios/balconies etc its also the perfect medium to use for flooring if done correctly.

The photos taken are as laid and the house project is not complete as yet, as you will see in the photos. Once the home is complete we will upload final photos also so you see the full effect. Notice in the pictures we have a high output LED light to check for any imperfections in the final surface emphasising the attention to detail. The kitchen is having lights in the kickplates so a 100% perfect floor is essential.

Once dried this surface will have our sealing resin applied to ensure a 100% non-porous surface which feels smooth underfoot meaning its ideal for use in kitchens, walkways and any wet areas.

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