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Why Choose BasePro Resin Bound Steps?

Resin bound gravel is a perfect solution for adding a real quality feel to any set of steps. The ways in which you can implement resin bound gravel into your steps is varied ensuring a truly unique look for you and your project. With the use of open texture tarmac or ground reinforcing grids the resin bound gravel steps can also be installed on projects requiring SUDS compliance as the final surface is porous allowing through drainage.


Another benefit of resin bound gravel on steps is that you can use it to create a surface with high friction ensuring slip hazards are minimised. Again, as it is porous, it can be used to help keep standing water off the steps further reducing slip hazards.


We have a large extensive selection of aggregates for you to choose from along with some of our own blends to make it more unique. We are more than happy to work with you to create your own blend of aggregate to truly personalise the project. We use one of the strongest UV resins on the market which ensures we are able to provide you with a 20-year guarantee.


The Benefits of BasePro Resin Bound Gravel Steps

No Puddles

Resin bound surfaces are porous, allowing water to naturally soak away. This helps reduces flooding and maintain SUDS compliance.

New Lease of Life

Renovating your old steps with a resin a bound gravel surface will breath a new lease of life into tired old looking steps.

No Loose Stones

The look of gravel without the maintenace or mess. Natural gravel looks stunning but without the resin bound can be a real pain.


Whether for commercial or residential installations, a resin bound application for your steps means perfect grip and a non-slip surface for peace of mind.

Be Creative

Customise your steps whether its a pattern including curves, motifs, letters, logos and numbers to create contrasting borders or personalised decorative effects.

Easy Maintenance

A quick sweep will remove leaves. Moss can be pressure-washed away. You can clean the surface with a power washer without damaging it. See Aftercare

The Free BasePro Visualisation Service

BasePro understand that you are an individual and you want us to deliver your perfect Resin Bound steps. We understand that sometimes this is hard to convey which is why we offer a FREE visualisation service to bring your project to life.

The Free Resin Bound Blending Service

BasePro offer a range of popular off the shelf blends that range from traditional to contemporary in style. However, we understand you may have your own style. Why not arrange to pop in and we will make a blend that you love.

What is the BasePro Process?

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