My resin bound is covered in snow, frost or ice

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    Snow and ice are not harmful and can be permitted to melt through. The removal of ice or frost from the surface can be achieved by the application of salt only, do not use road grit, as this will clog the permeable surface and the grit will break down the resin bound topping.
    A plastic snow shovel should be used to remove large areas of snow. The area can also be treated with salt prior to a cold snap to prevent freezing occurring in the first place. When the weather has returned to normal, (non freezing conditions) please wash the area through with water to remove the salt from the surface.
    Solvent based chemical de-icing agents should not be used.
    If heavy rain falls immediately after a very cold spell, the surface may become flooded for a few hours. Do not worry, the ice will soon melt and the surface will then drain normally
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